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What is the reason for login to class evaluation?

- It is easier to show only the registered subjects of each student and to limit specific users.

Can lecturers know the assessments of students?

- Yes, they can know. But the class evaluation doesn’t show who is the assessor.

Why students have to evaluate lecturers’ instruction and course?

-Because it is the best way to indicate the quality of each lecturers’ instruction and the assessed lecturers will develop their instruction for the next course.

Schedule of the class evaluation

1. Students evalauate the classes. 2564-04-09 to 2564-07-13 Faculty of Technology and Environment
2. Lecturers view evauluation result. 2019-12-20 Faculty of Technology and Environment
3. Students evalauate the classes. 2564-07-08 to 2564-07-10 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism
4. Lecturers view evauluation result. 2021-07-12 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism
5. Students evalauate the classes. 2564-11-02 to 2564-11-26 Faculty of Engineering
6. Lecturers view evauluation result. 2021-11-02 Faculty of Engineering
7. Students evalauate the classes. 2565-04-18 to 2565-04-22 Faculty of International Studies
8. Lecturers view evauluation result. 2022-04-18 Faculty of International Studies